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Reviews for "Red Moon"

MAJOR bugs

After I beat the half-way boss, I was teleported to the king. After I beat the king, I was teleported to the tutorial level. What's going onn!?

horrible controls

good game overall, interesting graphics, but the controls are a nightmare.

As with the rest of your games

they're very good, but the jumping system totally ruins it. I can assure you no one likes jumping "puzzles" where if you accidently miss a step, you have to start back at the beginning.

you nasty D-SuN

great. loved the armed with wings series, nice to see you polishing off you craft. the enemies are still dumb as sticks and maybe its time to upgrade em. sure it adds continuity between the games in a final fantasy way but it gets old. and the charge ability from armed with wings 1 is still the best... ;)


Overall great game, but It was incredibly annoying at some parts, and there was no save feature like in Armed with Wings 2.