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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Interesting, but glitchy

It was fun enough, until it become less about platform puzzle solving and more of fighting with the inferior game engine. Input lag, clipping issues, and hair trigger wall jumps just made the game more of fight with the game engine. Also the enemies are just time sinks as they get locked up easy enough with player attacks and seem to have no real purpose.


I really liked the game but as many have said, the controls were murder.

I like this...

because it reminds me of goatse a lot... a whole lot!

I mean, if it weren't for that, this game would be subpar at best, but COME ON - that big, red, gaping "moon"...


You'd get 10/10 if the game wasn't so bad :-)


loved the graphics and artwork. music was pretty cool too. was fun overall, however if possible i'd suggest adding another control style useing w,a,s,d for those who prefer it.

really enjoyable

Despite some technical issues and simple controls/gameplay, I liked this a lot. Amazing art design and easy to use features. The platforming part of it was really well done. The combat could use a little work. It's close to being an amazing game, but sometimes weak combat and other stuff held it back. That being said, I just spent I think 45 minutes playing the whole thing. Nice job.