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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Change your style, man

I loved your works for the first five minutes. This game would have been awesome - if it wasn't for your style. Seriously, I died a hundred times for sliding down while fighting. get this damn slide fixed, it's crazy.

Neat Flash game

I really enjoyed palying this one.
Wonderful style , animation and story.
The music was very nice to listen to and the game was alot of fun overall!

Great game

Nice gameplay, nice special attacks, fun slashing, fun jumping and a nice ending movie. What more to ask? You're showing promise for the gaming industry..
By the way @nrvna33... that you get popups during the game is because you have a oudated popup blocker or you go to the wrong sites which is why you get popups..
It's not because of the game, I hate it when people rate something lower because they blame something on the game while they don't even know what it is about.

Why give a lower mark just because your acting dumb while you think your smart? Shameful.


So in the middle of playing pop up ads started showing up in the middle of the game. Like from the first boss on. Idk what happened the first one went away after a while but the next is like stuck on the game screen. So other than that good game

I really like it!

I really like it but ooooooh my god it's take me so long to finish off the final boss! That's good though because that means it's not too easy.