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Reviews for "Red Moon"

Very good

I liked it a lot but the screen alignment is off. I have this mini balck box that serves no purpose to the game.

Awsome game

Very nice graphics especially at the starting page, now red is awsome and you blended it well with the imaging and awsome detail making it a nice visual menu, loading time was abit hight but it was a fun game, I really liked your graphics detail especially when the story starts and the red moon is in the backround, very welldone detail and visuals, this game was great from the start the controls were ok could be smoother, but the character battle mechanics were very awsome, so playing a few levels the game is fairly easy even the music was pretty good, at first it seemed hard but overall it was easy getting the characters mechanics, this is not just a game but along with the story it really comes out to a full element so awsome job on this from start to finish, i enjoyed every bit of it and thank you for having some medals in it making it even more fun then ever, anyways awsome game.

i didnt find any real issiues besides a longer loading time but was worth the wait.

Fun game great story and fun battle mechanics.

i know its an old game but...

i got to the half of the game when you meet vandheer lorde and well while watching the cinematic of the figth it just... went to the first level, the tutorial! in the middle of the cinematic anyway! AS ALWAYS nice game loved it.


rather play porn games or more bloddy games

Love it:)

HI:) I loved your game:D And I love character:) And I love story:)
Also attacks were really cool:) well... I loved everything:D
I have onlu one question... Could you tell me how can I get red moon deity award?:)