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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"

This is sheer brilliance.

Seriously, I love this in every possible way. The characters are great, the animation is beautiful, and the music makes my hair stand on end. I really hope to see more.


i liked it so far.

I just didnt care for the chibi gestures.

But it is true this storyline has potential


I can see that you work hard at this, the voice acting was top notch and the story premise is mysterious enough to draw anyone in. Your animating skills on the other hand dont compare to the other skills you have but clearly you have a decent ammount of talent. If anything the only thing you need to improve on is consistancy, at times the animation and drawings were amazing, but just a few seconds later it plummeted, work on consistency and you will have a masterpeice.

Exciting Story line...

This Flash has a great potential to be one of the best Flashes... The story line is really nice but poor thieves... anyway... Keep up the good work! I'll beh waiting for teh next part!

Very good

I like this, this is very very good can not wait for the part 2, good luck hope the next one is just as good this. Oh what is the song being played at the end of it the credits I would like to know it man and good luck God bliss you with everything.