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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"

Really Inspirational :)

Really great work here, it looks like you have put alot of thought into what you are doing which makes this a really unique flash series, its a good break from all the mindless radndomness of NEWGROUNDS(Not a bad thing guys lmao).
Loved it :)
I thought the girls voice was really well done, you dont get many great girl voice actors on NEWGROUNDS.

Really Nice Job Cant wait for more ^_^

Love Louis x

Good but not great

you guys must of put alot of work into that, it turned out well, voices are always a hard thing to do but you guys did ok, the only thing i though little of was the attempts at anime humor, it didnt really work :S
though a definate 10 out of 10 for the music, and i always like a flash thats not 2 seconds long, keep em coming :D

nice job...

really great, story draws you in and the music is premium. but i didnt like the crazy japanmation moments. the voice acting for the main characters was good but the supporting could use some improvment. but its still good enough for me to like it alot, good job.

A great start.


-Laughable voice acting.

-Constant amount of flapping jaws rids the story's chance of being enduring.

-Zel? Zel?! What a cheesy name for currency!

-Yeah, the voice acting. Has to be fixed.


This movie was Terrific and cleaver
I loved viewing every minute of this