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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"

Great f'ing intro

One of the most inspirational and original intros of any animation/film I've seen in a while...
The perfect intro for the story of a hero with the curse of berserking uncontrolably. Not sure if THAT'S your story though... In fact I'm not sure of anything story-wise. And the following script afterwards and sound design, and the simple editing issues were kind of a let-down after such a good intro idea.
10/10 intro
6/10 after


you did a realy good job i liked it


there was a ton of perspective issues with the human characters and i didn't enjoy the rotoscoping because it made the entire film look very fake.


Well, sometimes the animation wasn't so good, but GREAT music, story(sofar =) ) but overall, its better that for example pokemon ;)
BTW, can't wait for part 2 ! =)

It confused me...

This took you a year??

hurr.... well...
It's looking great and the story is interesting enough to look in to...
but whats up with the drawing/animation.

at some points it looks great and awesome, but not all of the time...

Looking forward to the sequal :)