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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"

ftw dislexia

I like anime just fine but you have watched way too much Trigun, I'm not going to bother following up or anything but lemme guess, the "X" scar on his chest glows, people die, I'm bored. Anyway hide your shame. 1 for the animation.

hit and miss i guess

i think the animation was a risky choice but u pulled it off. nevertheless, the lines were pretty cheesey and i disagree with your 'depths of our deepest imaginations' quotelet above kuz its been done many times before. winzra and Equillis, i have to say, were very poor choices but I guess you're trying to be unique

well all in all i can't complain too much kuz it looked like a lot of hard work
7/10 from me home skillet. if another is in store, ill be sure to watch it

OCD Child Does Not Like Writing A Summary.

The story was expected and unoriginal, so made it boring to watch, the music was pleasing and fitting, the Extras were very interesting to look at, you've made more of an effort than most published films/games, in my opinion.
The letter 'X' is overused, the protagonist was expected, however, he was fantastically animated, smoothly, and pretty to look at.
The lines, were too expected, dramatic and such, for me, and was irratating. (The female looks like Aerith, talks like Aerith.. AERITH.)
For a prologue this is fantastic, it's only the 'cheese' that needs to be cut down.
Anyway, onto good subjects.
The animation and art was done fantastically, flowed smoothly and was A** rating, from my point of view.
The music accomplished setting a scene, keeping the animation flowing, without sounding bad.
The extras were interesting, although I think you were a little too sentimental, although, it's obvious you've put a lot of work into this, and that you're proud of it, obviously.
It was scrumptious if you look past the cheese, make another, please. <3

Winzra responds:

Hahaha all over the place! Love it! hahaha Well thank you so much for the feedback and kind words. Hopefully as the story progresses and the actual series starts, people will begin to really get a feel about Koden X as a whole! :D

well well...

im not gonna sit hre and lie,i see d DBZ,Avatar,Megaman Zero, and some other unique fortales in this.Its not really creative that the authors name is the main characters name.Although i sense Dbz conflict in this, i dont know who this hopless87 cat is,but seems to me hes jealous,as i am.You guys just have to remember that THIS IS A PROLOGUE.

Great potential

I'm not going to hate or provide pointless ego stroking.

The production is top notch. I was greatly impressed by the animation. 9/10 for that.
The story needs work. As an amateur writer myself, I can say I'm not compelled to care about your characters. Even if you have a great story, I already care little about it. 4/10 on that

The style... may work for some folks. I'm honestly tired of DBZ rip-offs. The end just looked like Hinata from Naruto meets Gohan