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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"

Good start

For a full animation, it was pretty boring, really, but as part of the full episode, it's a good start. The animation was pretty good, the voices could get a bit more work, and the 3D tutorial was pretty good. I liked the DVD esque features, but I have a little complaint that maybe doesn't matter at all, but I hate when in the subs, it displays every single "sound" on-screen. I hate this on DVDs and I hate this here... BUT you can keep it if you want, just add a "deaf" option for the subs. I hope the script is a lot better in the next parts/episodes. For now, I'm not gonna rant on ya (yet ;)) Keep it up!


not bad at all anyway i cant wait to the next episode

A Cinematic Feel

In truth, if we were given a more sensitive scale I'd probably have rated this a 8.5. Despite the somewhat simplistic art style, this movie was animated quite well and the cinematography was executed very smoothly. Overall it had a very cinematic feel to it which was very nice. Voice acting was clear, crisp, and well done. The music matched the scenes nicely. The only thing I'd really push for is the art; more detail and accuracy would definitely benefit upcoming sequels greatly.

not bad overall

good animation risky but good could of done the lines abit better perhaps or put more feeling into it, im looking forward to seeing how this turns out im looking forward to seeing the story play out but until then keep up the good work

Looking forward to the next episode

seems to me like this will be quite an interesting series, can what to see how you are planing to advance the story