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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"

totally nice

The artwork was really great. And so was the animation in your movie. It's obvious you guys spent-a-lot of days in this work. I think your time is worth it. The voicing was also good but not perfect.

ill wait for part two

nice job building the start (the thieves gives a mysterious start), A really good job

Very good!

Koden X is in fact a promissing series, I like the animation, the plot seemed well and it looks like it's going to have humor plus a lot of action scenes.
My only advice for you, even though I'm not a flash artist or anything of the sort, is that you try to change some anatomic issues of the characters, their hands have to be improved, try to check up on hair proportions, especially on the girl and the white-haired character (sorry I've forgotten the names), and make sure the eyes are lined with each other.
The scenarios were quite good, I loved that hunting scene.
I gave you a 10/10 since you've done a very good job, and I'm hoping my advices aren't taken as an offense, just trying to give you some advices on how to improve the quality of the drawings.
When does the next episode comes up? =D

nice game

nice game but could you ease it a little bit its hard to get the other characters

Winzra responds:

HAHAHAHAH, ROFL!!! Wow, just wow...


Time well spent

Overall this animation is superb. Now I will agree that the animation needs polishing but you can't do much to that without spending a butt loads of money and Im sure you don't intend to. Now what threw me off the most was the voice acting. The voice acting tried waaaaaaay to hard to try and get the feeling right. The main Character Winzra..his voice definatly needs work. He has such a cliche type of voice. One second he has a low pitched voice then in the next his voice is much higher. Avoid with the cliche lines. We have all seen the loner story in many of the animes and In a way I thought he was gonna be a rip off of Vash from TRIGUN, but you did a good job pulling me away from that thought.

I honestly gotta say this did leave me wanting to watch more of the series. Keep up the great work and all your time is paying off bud.