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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"


i liked it alot but i cant really say much because there was alot of good and bad things in it some funny parts . when they found him it was kind of confusing cause did they die or something ? and when did she find him did i miss it>? but overall it looks like it will be very good and hopefully well..... im expecting it to be a bit faster then 6 years to make the next addition to be here so i can watch it.get it here fast because you are sure to have fans now just like how Fallen Angel did and it took them awhile to get there animation going but anyways keep it up!

Winzra responds:

I am officially going to like have to take off that thing where it says it took 6 years lol! It actually took at most 200 hours to make this production; the 6 years was pretty much the story. And it's not like we mean literally 6 years either. After all, you have to consider those lengthy periods of time were you don't talk to your friends you work with as much, school, work, etc. But our original idea for the story came 6 years ago. But yeah, expect to see the next ones sooner then your probably thinking...! :3


To right a review one has to be mean some times and sadly this is my time,
to begin with you should take your writer out back and kick hem to death sorry if thats a little to mean but you did say he hade like 5 years to write and thats all he come up with, the animation was not to bad and I can see you did put alot of work into it but maybe you should of cut it down to 5 min and just worked on that, I didn't now what was going on in most of it - thinking to my self ( why are 5 guys just wondering around?) and then thay all die!!! but I did site throw it all so you got me hope the story gos a little deeper then this one did. PS mooguy made some good points to.

Great animation

I liked everything about this BUT some of the illustration... just curious but why such a thick pen/brush for the lines?

oh... my... god..

best dam flash i have ever seen! can't wait for the rest! definite fave right here

Give yourself a pat on the back.

First off I would just like to congratulate you on the wonderfull flash. This is truely somthing to be proud of and many animators, artists, and writers could only dream of putting a project of the magnitude in their resime. And so the criticisms begin...The first thing that crossed my mind when thinking of this review is that it was far too anime-ish for my tastes. The white hair, the increadably buff guy with an "x" on his chest (he might want to get that checked out, it looks infected) the woman finding him in the middle of a FUCKING DESERT. Still, it was very nice art. But the animation went up and down on my "omigod people move that way" scale. You just got lazy on the lip-synicing and the walking cycles at times looked almost robotic. The voice acting was at times very good and other times could be compared with "All your base are belonging to us." (do you see a pattern devloping here?) It was bareable at those moments and I still kept watching so mission accomplished on that part. Overall, I enjoyed it. Everything else was fantabulous. The camera angles, the music, the landscapes, the whole idea, all of the extraas, a very small sneak peak into the future episodes, ect. So I do look foward to the rest. And with a prologue this long I'm sure we're in for a ride. You did say in the concept art that it began in what, 2004? Better pick up the pace. You have some fans now. I'm sure you can get an advertisement deal of some sort though. Anyways, good luck, God bless, and maybe you can hold us over with some short animations in the mean time, eh?

Winzra responds:

Actually to clear up some confusion, we've been working on the concept, story, and world that Koden X resides in since 2004. This episode was made in approximately 200 hours. :) God bless!