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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"


not bad, not bad at all i like the anime style you used to make this. The thing that i had a problem with is that the main character didn't arrive until almost the end, but still that was really well done.


good job


they brain stabbed that wolf dude
great animation
great audio
good plot
good cliffhanger type thing
bad wolf

Needs less salt

I watched this twice. Once normally and once on mute with no subtitles, like i do most animations that get alot of praise just to double check on something i might've missed. Now i could spend alot of time criticizing and point out the staggering amount of flaws that were in this flash OR i could hand out suggestions. I'll do both but make the former quick. Stiff animation, LOOOOONNNGGG talking scenes, sleepy depressing music and emotionless setting.

Now as far as my suggestions go, stop writing and use storyboards. Writing kills animation. Watch cartoon network right now and find one of those god awful shows they have on right now. They all have writers. After that go watch ren and stimpy or some of the old looney tunes cartoons. They had storyboards. See the difference?

Now for the animation itself, 2 things. #1, why does every single anime have the same looking people? I can see where the influences are coming from (easily noted are dbz and avatar) for both style and look, but really its tiring to see the same people and the same movement all the damn time! And #2, make it an steady flow because its speed is slower than a turtle takin a poo in a shoebox. I understand that this is supposed to be a serious anime flash but most animes fade out because of that flow (or budget). One anime that i saw (if i could pronounce it or even spell it, i'll get back to you on the name) had alot of action in its first episode and got cancelled the next episode. Why? It went from good paced action to very very very SLOW paced drama. Not cause of drama but because it was SLOW.

Now for the big one...the voice acting. It made me glad i have a mute button on my computer sometimes because of situations like this. No offense to the voice actors.....actually, scratch that, with much offense because thats how you get people motivated to do better, when their balls have been busted and bleeded out. Voice is one of those things that will instantly kill any movie or any performance and this is one of those cases. My suggestions is to go watch Pride and Glory or Gran Torino or The Punisher (2004) and watch the emotion that is on display. It's not enough just to show seriousness but to know WHY you're serious. It's just like the blues, it's not enough just to go on stage and blow on a harmonica, you need to know why the blues need to be played.

One Last suggestion, get some better music cause holy crap THAT was one of the reasons it was so hard for me to sit through the first 2 minutes alone from the rest of it.

5/10 For style and effort.


If you are so good at animating, why do you make the talking scenes so painful to watch? I can actually see where you were going with the beginning part of the movie, but the director or animator, didn't cut it short enough, in my opinion, and it really does piss off the watcher that they wasted like, 5 minutes learning about, in all, boring characters, that, to top it off, when you want to learn more, they talk with the most horrible animation, one I would see on a very amateur movie.

On a more positive note, I loved the atmosphere, it was inspiring, the sudden ending forest on the windy plain, with the city in the middle, and the very arabian market, nice.

But you REALLY need to make talking between characters not a chore for the watcher, that's all.