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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"

good definitely worth the effort

has room for a little improvement but very good if it was longer it could have passed for a full length flash flim

I'm Interested

Some of the facial expressions, or the animations of the faces, anyway, could use a little work, but other than that, this movie looks amazing.

I look forward to more of it, good luck!

5/5, 9/10

Pretty good

The animation was fluid and pretty well done for the most part, though there were some parts where it looked a bit odd. The audio was also very well done, aside from one part where the hunchback bandit was speaking, which sounded kind of weird. I think this was a really good intro to the series, and I can't wait to see more.

Lots of ideas lots of work

An lots of room for improvement.

Sorry if these first words sting - thats not my intention. Prologues usually introduce some information we may otherwise not know in the main storyline. However this gave me no sense of anything really - the bandits who took up half the movie had no real point when the main character shows up halfway through.

So unless this story is one with a focus on mutiple characters and all their stories the focus and much time was wasted during this.

I enjoyed some of the orginality though when it did come about - however as Striker pointed out before I saw some very cliche metaphors as well. Coming up with a whole new world in a story isn't easy as any writer knows. (thats why i couldnt do flashes my series would take ages) So when making your feature movie I suggest you cut the fat off and stick to what works.

Keyword is filler - don't use it. It only serves to bring out questions and split ends to any good story and kills any mainstream idea.

The intro/loading screen was fantastic so when I opened it I thought I was in for a treat but when the animation became rougher I was slighty disappointed. So animation wasn't as consentant as I had hoped.

However it is just in the beginning stages so you could greatly improve on everything so best of luck!


Dude, I am so going to copy this, simply because it is impossible for something to be in "soul ownership." Now "sole ownership," thats something different. You might want to correct that. Either way, pretty good.