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Reviews for "Koden X Prologue Part 1"

Just amazing

I don't like how people are complaining about the animation! It's so amazing! It's at least a thousand times better than most of the crap being submitted and is probably up there with some of the best flashes on newgrounds. It's almost as good if not better than a regular TV show! Detailed characters and great background detail make it very pleasing to the eye.

Ok, the storyline was kind of hazy, but since this is the prologue, not much can be said there. But i really hope the thieves didn't all get killed by the guy. It's just so sad how you only knew them for such a short time.

Overall, an astounding flash. I would say it's ten times better than what I would usually rate a five, but unfortunately the rating system does not go beyond that. 5/5.


the animation and storyline arnt absolutly perfect but your effort and overall has earned you my rating 10/10

interesting... but need something more

well lets get the obvious BS out of the way: grafix/artwork need some enforcement, the voices need to be louder i had to turn my volume up to max in order to even hear properly... but the end was the only real audio i could get so WTF moment :/.

the story: i hope next part will get into that cus this was just a random short
overall: very eye catching... just needs some more time put in? 9/10 i feel very generous today :P

ok i guess...

Great sound quality but needs more work on the graphics

It's your mother....

I'm telling you guys, you really need to let me proofread these things. I cannot believe you put 'SOUL" ownership. You know that's a cardinal sin in my book.

I am not a techno-buff or artist. Let me do the reading. It's what I do best. Okay? Since I'm your mom, my review probably doesn't count for much. Here it is anyway.

I like the beginning, but the end does seem to lose something. I think you need to develop the story more. Please don't tell me you killed the hunchback! I don't want to know that!

Great job, all in all, you two.