Reviews for "[SB] Retro Hearts"


This is absolutely amazing song. I love this 8 bit music colliding with dubstep, and they go together perfectly.

It would be very cool if I could use this in some gaming videos I'm doing, I will give you full credit of course and a link.

This song inspired me to start a channel now. I will get some capture programs and start videos. will use this as my intro song and of course by Newgrounds rules I will give you the credit required plus a link in the description and a referral because your music rocks!

Made an account just to review. This song is absolutely amazing! So catchy as well.
I'ma use it in my video if I can as well. I'll give full credit to you of course.

Keep up the great work!

This song is REALLY great!

can i use it in a YouTube video? i will give you credit!