Reviews for "[SB] Retro Hearts"

This song inspired me to start a channel now. I will get some capture programs and start videos. will use this as my intro song and of course by Newgrounds rules I will give you the credit required plus a link in the description and a referral because your music rocks!

This is absolutely amazing song. I love this 8 bit music colliding with dubstep, and they go together perfectly.

It would be very cool if I could use this in some gaming videos I'm doing, I will give you full credit of course and a link.

Epic. 'Nuf said.

I love this, I can't stop playing it. It's so catchy!

I was going to ask permission if I can use this for maybe an intro to my youtube vids. I'm going to start doing video game commentary and this totally fits to what I want my channel feel to be like.

I will give you full credit (of course) and always link this song to the people who watch my videos.

Skullbeatz responds:

you may use it if you like :)

I <3 This Idea! Keep It Going!

If You're Ok With This, I'm Going To Use This Song For My "INTERMISSIONS" On My LiveStream At TwitchTV. Is That Ok With You?

Skullbeatz responds:

of course! thanks alot!