Reviews for "Sonny 2"

Bad ass!

if this game had achievements on this site, it would of been even better. not all zombies are stupid and slow. this game proves that shit!


this is the best game I have played ever! Keep on making this kind of games and you will be surly the best. Just one question how can i defeat lord brixius, after he casts the spell "tick-tock" I can`t do anything. I die or my teammates die. Please help.

Amazing game

one of the best games iv'e played on newgrounds and its iddicting

Outstanding in every way...

I completed easy mode and I intend to go through hard mode when i get the time. I must say you did an amazing job with this series. The dialogue, the wide array of skills, the equipment and the enemies are all diverse and very well thought out.

This game is a blast and of superb caliber, we at newgrounds should be proud to have you. Keep up the amazing work and I hope to see a sonny 3 or some kind of game from you soon =P

Made them my bitch

Have high speed concentration in your stat building and gear completely ignore instinct and instead dump the points mainly into Speed and spilit the rest with health and strength, Vicous Strike maxed out, Intergrity maxed out, Break maxed out is also very nice to have, have 2 Vicous Strikes on, it will take you a couple turns before you'll need to use leading strike to attack with it because with integrity regenerateing 25 fous every turn and Vicous Strike only takeing up 40 foucs, along with its fast cool down and its healing affect which I belive stacks, you'll be able to keep the damage going on your enemies while leaving your healer (I strongly suggest having Veradux be centered around instinct and healing if your going to play this way) free to heal the other party members and possibly dish out some extra damage as well giving him time to recover Focus

LATER ON: You'll have wanted to max out the other passive Combat effects (Savagery, Evolution, Endurance) as they provide helpful boosts without having to cast it on yourself and take up room on your abilities wheel, You'll have wanted to max out Shadow Blend as well as, now this is where your huge damage comes from, with Shadow blend on you can unleash about 4400 damage PER vicious strike at around lvl 27 if you've been stat building right, other good stuff to have is predator form so you can use destroy a couple times without having to wait for all your focus to come back before you can start dishing out damage again, other good stuff to have is reform and agile Exposure, they both kind of depend on your stats tho, if you have low speed for some reason, then agile exposure makes it so the enemy takes more damage for a few turns, that coupled with Shadow blend can dish out quite alot more damage, however you might have to go into predator mode first so you ca get both viccous strikes in without running out of focus (Not sure if you will test it out for yourself) if you have high Health Reform heals for a huge ammount even at when its first tier, it also has a periodic effect

Anyways I think Sonny 2 is a briliant game I hope to see Sonny 3 soon, possibly on a platform even, GL HF!!