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Reviews for "Sonny 2"

This game...

Is beautiful.
I've been playing it for 5 hours today,
it's really rare that I actually want to take my time playing flash games, but this game wastes my time in the best way possible.

Amazing graphics,
amazing SFX/ music,
amazing depth,
amazing storyline,
and the fact you can actually see the armor and and weapons that you equipt is just another spice added to make this a very tasteful game.

If this game was a woman,
I would boink her everyday forever.
And if living forever is impossible, then I will make it possible just for the sake of my damn analogy.

Awesome work.


its like a street fighter mixed with zombies,weopens,and superpowers

Baron was easy!

The baron wasnt hard at all just have a focus draining move both types of characters have a few hint hint.I just faced my hardest enemy.................THE ROACH! Real weak but has alot of tricks up its legs.

One of the best games here!

I really loved playing this game. Both the storyline and the gameplay was awesome. Im really looking forward playing the next Sonny!!:)


but i got 2 the part were u get felicity on ur team and she SUCKS please IM me and tell me...WHY?????and if u know i gotta her health higher, help