Reviews for "Sonny 2"


yeah I love it. The only qualm I have is that I really liked the four classes idea better than the three but I haven't played with Hydrolic yet so whatevs. But I didn't think the storyline could get any better AND IT DID awesome possum. Keep em comin.

Awesomesauce game, but one medal is broken

I've finished playing through it completely just now (3-day-accord), but for whatever reason I did not get the NG-Medal for "Over the Ashes"...

I got it ingame, just like I got the previous ones, but after finishing the Corruptor, I still haven't had my NG-Over-the-Ashes Medal... :(


I think to defeat baron u will need to healing spells u gotta be lvl30+ and stuff have tonnes of vit.

But yea i haven't defeated him but i think this could be a way.


I am seriously impressed. this is the best rpg ive played on newgrounds im pretty sure. very nice job. looking forward to seeing more from you.

Kill "Baron Bitchface"

if you get an ability that lets you drain hias focus, then when you get it low enough he'll use an ability that will restore his focus, but cause him 6,000+ damage over the next 3 turns.