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Reviews for "Sonny 2"

Always loved Sonny series!

Grondpony, if you delete cookies on your computer, your saves from this game (as well as other games) will be stabbed in the lifebox and cease to exist.

This Game Is Amazing But It Keep's Deleting My Profiles Can Someone Tell Me Why But Other Then That It's Amazing.

I just realised... the two doctors in the prison if you put their names together ... Leath Hedger , mind=blown

This is Zeflection (My other account). I just wanted to clarify that I beat the Baron, and it was much easier than I expected it to be.

He's actually the easiest boss in the game within my opinion, but only with the right strategy. I just kept his focus down with Traumatize and Haunt while I used Free Will and Retrograde. He was extremely easy with just those 4 abilities. If anyone is stuck, try it out.

P.S. I am very satisfied with this game. I hope for a third one!