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Reviews for "Sonny 2"

Second time through and it is still pretty good. I like the way you can build your psychopath with putting some skills more than ones. Soon I realized that I don't need more than three skills to have an ideal character for me and I didn't have this all mighty problem called "Should I power up or get a new skill". Only minus will come from the cut scenes; I had mute on, because I listen my own musics and the cutscenes didn't have any subtitles or mute options.

I really hope that Sonny 3 will come out someday...

really good, but the new classes are a little confusing. i miss the guardian.

i love the gameplay, the stories, will there gonna be sonny 3?

played this back in 2010 but forgot the name, but i finally found this game after 5 years. thats how you know you got a good game, if a person spends around 5 years to find it

I enjoy how they mix action and comedy at the same time, Is there gonna be a Sonny 3 ?