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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "Just a few buds"

Happy 4/20 indeed

These we're some tripped out looking loops in this 4/20 collab with all different styles of animation which all looked really good,it all got the job done by looking tripped out,great collab guys.

good movie

but do you have really this friends

UnderARock responds:

Do I know these peeps in real life? naw, the title is a joke in itself.

Thank you!

Dudes this thing is f'ing sweet as hell. It scared the crap outta me at sum prts but tottal sickness. U made my day, im going light up in your name boi's!


All the haters on this wall can suck a big fat blunt. This is sweet stuff...if you don't understand the meaning of a particularly controversial part of a Newgrounds submission, probably don't put your two cents in. Hitler's birthday is also 4/20...it was a joke. Newgrounds is an open environment, you don't down vote peoples' submissions when you're offended; that defeats the purpose. Move on to something you can handle if you expect every submission to be catered to your liking. OR if you want to be shown something you wouldn't normally think of yourself, watch the things that offend you and be glad that there is still net neutrality and you can go and be offended on the internet. Stupid short sighted people make me angry.

Oh and by the way: watching these while blazed is a good experience. In my *humble* opinion, that makes it a 10, because it would seem to me that you completed your mission.

UnderARock responds:

your humble opinion is the best around my friend :3

The 4th video....

Whats the name of the song in the 2nd video by czar going down from the left side?

UnderARock responds:

The one with the 4 armed rasta?
Its a song called Jasmine Blossoms by a guy called Metal Fingers