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Reviews for "Mars Buggy"


it hought it was awesome

nothing new

well you know what you are doing ill give you that but its nothing too new or exciting its just like those biking games although the addition of the trick feature is added it is very limited in what you can do.



pretty awesome , i always like these kinda driving games , and this is now officially one of my favorites i love the style and gameplay , although i do find the tilting of the buggy a bit to fast. But nevertheless the graphics are awesome , the whole minimap idea in the bottom left is awesome! I Friggin love the music :P.

Great job , keep up the good work ;)

Not bad

It's fun doing back flips, but there's too much power when you get a lil boost from going downhill.
Also, it's hard to tell which direction your facing just by looking at the "driver." I always have to try it out and I end up hitting a rock and crashing.
Good visuals though.

Great graphics

Great graphics nice controls but theres plenty of games like this 8/10