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Reviews for "Whistle Evaluator"

good idea

i really like this gadget, as it helped me understand what to, and what not to, flag as abusive. it's going to be a great help for people who don't know what they're doing when they flag reviews. also, it was fun to play, making it more likely people will sit through the whole thing. throw in some more reviews to flag (ten is a low number), and an explanation of what you got wrong (seeing as this is supposed to be helpful) and then you'd get the extra two points. excellent idea, excellent presentation. 5/5 8/10

coocooletmoi responds:

Yeah, I certainly will include all that!

Nice evaluator

It was a neat little gadget to pretty much give users the idea of what kind of review is helpful,useless or abusive but it would have been better if there was some kind of indicator on which review you got the right or wrong answer on also it could have been a little bit longer too but with it being just the first version it's a great start,as for my score i scored 90% with a gold whistle.

coocooletmoi responds:

Yeah, I will include that !

Good Concept


This is very interesting, and a good training exercise. (-:

Just need a way to mute the music, and it needs more questions presenting other ways in which the whistle can be blown, and a way to see which questions were scored correctly. I believe others have already mentioned these, however, should you decide to allow the player to see the answers, that should be a choice, should he/she want to make several more attempts first. (-:

The highest I got was a 90%. I tried the test several times, to try ans see in which question(s) the discrepancy lies, but, I keep getting 80% or 90%, so there is mere disagreement somewhere on review ratings. (-:

Other than that, this is pretty good, and it needs more exposure. Maybe a mod can see this? :-P

So, I've posted a reference to this Flash (and you (-: ) in a thread called, "The purpose of Reviews", started by None
DjZeaklous. The URL is here:
http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1 043492

The thread is not exactly regarding whistle status, but it is related, in terms of helping give good reviews, so we all can get more HELPFUL reviews in our Flashes! (-:

I feel like I'm back in grade school. :-P

Good skill, soldier.

- Ziro out.

coocooletmoi responds:

Thanks a lot! Very helpful. I mentioned it before, I will be including all those in the next version!

pretty good

Good game, some people could learn to write better reviews. I got a 70% and then a 90% but I don't know which I got wrong. It would help if you could click a button after you did it to see the correct answers.

coocooletmoi responds:

Yes, I said it before, I will include it!


~ Animation/Graphic ~

Great basic setup for the graphics. The choice of two different cursors was nice, but really not needed in a game like this. Some things that do make these types of games cool are adding actual animation to it. Perhaps at the end when you get your results you could have a normal whistle and have an animation of the whistle changing to what the person got. Small things like that would make it a bit better.

~ Story/Content ~

I got a gold whistle.

Even though on my account I have a Deity. I would like to argue about some of the examples.

Your helpful reviews were actually terrible. I wouldn't call any of them really helpful at all. Just telling someone to work harder is probably the most useless thing you can say.

Also, as a flash artist those short reviews such as, "I really liked this" can be very helpful to the authors motivation and make them want to keep making flash or encourage them to work harder.

You're examples for abusive reviews were very good and all abusive. I just don't see where you can mark down someones whistle (Yes I know this is just a game) on what is helpful and what is useless because that is completely opinion. Like I said your examples of helpful reviews seemed very mediocre to me. I wouldn't mark them as helpful or useless because they are somewhere in between. I also mark any short review that is praising my submission as helpful because they motivate me to work harder and keep submitting. That's helpful right?

So I say your submission is very opinionated. Just because someone has a different opinion as you they could get a lower whistle. If you were trying to make it like newgrounds then that's not how the whistle works since you don't get any points for marking as helpful or useless, but if you were just making it like that for the sake of the game it's extremely hard to do because like I said again it's very opinionated.

~ Audio ~

The generic song to use for any quiz type game as the one that you had made here. I even have quiz games like this with the same song being used. That being said it's a great choice no matter what in my opinion. Very relaxing while listening to and just sets up a great quiz atmosphere. Kind of one of those songs that you can't really get bored with.

~ Overall ~

Nice presentation, perhaps a bit opinionated like I stressed several times, good choice of audio.

The biggest thing that I think could improve this submission is by making the end more suspenseful by make the normal whistle change into the new whistle and having some suspenseful music while the change is happening. Then a corresponding sound to represent doing a good job or a bad job depending on the whistle.

coocooletmoi responds:

Thanks for this very helpful review. First, i'll work on the end animation. That's easy. Second, I will make it more stable. Like making Keep it up review in between (I'll add an option). And yes, I will make more reviews, and submit another one. And I will redo the whistle evaluating system. I will make your whistle increase/decrease only on abusive reviews. That was helpful.