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Reviews for "Whistle Evaluator"

Yeah, that's great but.

Well Maybe I am not the best reviewer, 70%, but it would help me if the game told me which answers I got wrong. If you want it to be an educational tool for reviewers you should set it up so that it tells them what they got wrong and why it is wrong.

All in all, it is pretty inovative and should be a tool employed everywhere as part of the registration process to public sites like this. I like it! Some think you should make it more confusing for gamers, but as an educational tool, keepin' it simple like this is perfect. Great graphs too!

coocooletmoi responds:

Thanks! I'll do that!


I would advice this game for many people here on NewGrounds, maybe then they'll understand how wrong they are. Anyways back to the game: the reviews were random but you should add some with more text to confuse the players and make it more challenging for them. That's it, after all it's a great game and deserves a 9 for sure.

coocooletmoi responds:

Thanks! I'll work on that!

Oooh, 90%

Gold like your score!
This has helped me quite a deal (being the n00b I am) in knowing what the difference between abusive and useless reviews. I just started basically, and didn't really know. It was fun, challenging to get a 100% and was informative!
Overall, well presented and has taught me something I can use on this site!

coocooletmoi responds:


90% gold

pretty fun, but not the most useful thing.

coocooletmoi responds:

Thanks, but your review isn't useful to me.

you can have 9 coz i got 90%

its ok but make it a bit longer and make more fun music to listen to and make it interesting . .

coocooletmoi responds:

Why is it not interesting? Could you please tell me why?