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Reviews for "Pokemon Metal"


just clean up the quality a bit and it'll be perfect.

pyroguy-37 responds:

yeah there are some fuzzy parts :/


incredible remix man
this needs published in upcoming games


pyroguy-37 responds:

as a pokemon fan myself. I agree. however. I don't see it happening :/. Mainly because.. I'm not very well known. but one can hope :D


Wow... nintendo just HAS to use this as boss battle music or something

pyroguy-37 responds:

=D I wish there was some way I could send this in :/


This makes nintendo's pokemon song suck!!!!
best pokemon song ever!!!!!!!!!

pyroguy-37 responds:

lmao. Awesome. i wouldn't go as far as to say best :P but thanks for your support :P


Dude that is way better than Nintendo's.
Could you send me the tabs please?

pyroguy-37 responds:

haha pm me your email and I'll see what I can do!