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Reviews for "Pokemon Metal"

Awesome music! Seems like a battle theme! 9001/5 Would battle again!

Right, I'm not a musician and all such sort of thing but doesn't matter very much - in my honest opinion some instruments working out there were too low volumed. Definitely! Well, my vote for this submission was "5" but that's just because I'm mercyful. In addition, I also did want to not gift it with "3" or "4" vote. Oh anyway - the more symphonic it would be the better it would be.

I really dig this. I can really hear the drive behind it. Good job

Epic, full of rages and one more thing, some of the tone in there is like when we fight right?


U just gotta love it, i could listen to this Pokemon Metal all day.. :) everyday i look for some cool music like this, and i think i found it... Good Luck making more intense music.... :)... just saying if u wanted to make more intense music. 10/10 too Good.