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Reviews for "Pokemon Metal"

I think this deserves to go on their next game...

...which is probably purple? But seriously, this is AWESOME. I looked at this, and I thought, hey, how good could it possibly be? But I am pleasantly surprised.

I am going to come here every day and 5 this!

I never thought, in all my days that I would hear a remix of a pokemon tune this dang good! I see you used the trainer battle theme. Every instrument harmonizes perfectly with its melody, and with the other instruments and their melodies. You deserve some sort of reward from game freak (other than the pokedex diploma).

It sounds like a pump (that's good)

For once, i like Pokemon!

wow good times

your making me play this retarded game now and i gotta say thank you the explosion at the end made it good too

That was sick.

Really, this song made my day.

But seriously, Shroominator, skullfucking caterpies? You are one sick minded dude...

Anyways, great song!