Reviews for "Wrath of Shadow ep. 8"


very awsome animation, i love the storyline, there was a little typo, at the beggining of the credits, you said stroy instead of story. can't wait for the next one :D

Shi-Gu responds:

Thankyou very much, I try to do a different storyline from all others in NG.
I'm sorry for that, I'll try to fix it if flash doesn't freezes XD
Next one will be in the portal MAYBE in June or July


BEST episode yet!!

Shi-Gu responds:

yes, it is :D


Great work this gotta be the best of them all... and you gave me some ideas to my comic thankyou

Shi-Gu responds:

I'm glad ^^

one of the best

this is one of the best vids with shadow and sonic. i would give this series a 50/50 if i could so keep up the good work.

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks a lot. I kind of abandoned the project, but I hope I might be able to start again soon :D


I recommended it to the Sonic collection! But please suggest mine! I know, I'm still 11 but age doesn't matter! Mario Battle Bros! I know, So I kept on suggesting it to the collection LOL!