Reviews for "Wrath of Shadow ep. 8"

Great improvement on the action

I must agree that this is the best episode in the series by far at least on an action stand point cause the fights we're spectacular,the framerate hasn't been any smoother or quicker and it was also neat to see Kirby take Chaos & Shadow's powers which sounds like a custom you did so kudos for that,i hope in future episodes that Sonic,Mario & company have fights like these cause it was really fun to watch,keep up the fantastic work. =)

Shi-Gu responds:

Thankyou VERY much, it's great to see that most of the reviews say battle was awesome, I did my objective! XD
Yes indeed I made Kirby's customs, Kirby Shadow took a lot more time but it is the greatest for me.
I just hope I can make Sonic and Mario have such awesome fights, the only problem is that they're too much characters and I can't make them all fighting the same enemy so I will have to think how to fix that, like adding more enemies or complications.

Awesome improvement and Flash.

Really great improvement since eps7.This flash is awesome.The dialoque boxes are better,but you can add a feature to let us use a key to skip dialoques so we can read them at our own pace.And the Dark Metaknight was cool.He is dark,like me.If you made it,i'd say your spriting skills are extremely great.
Btw,I have some questions:
1.Are all the emeralds infected?
2.Why does Shadow act nice to Kirby,even though his character is the exact oppsite?
3.How can Okiname summon Chaos,the god of Chao,to serve him?
4.Will Sonic get a Super Form?
That's it.
Good flash.I can now add you to my favorite flash artists.
I hope to see more spectacular stuff in epd 9 XD.

Shi-Gu responds:

Thankyou very much, indeed I think I really improved.
Yeah, I like the new dialogue boxes, they look better and I was tired of adding the name of the characters, also yes, I'm planning to add the skip button for ep.9 I just have to practice with it, I will try to do it with the space bar.
Dark Metaknight also known as Okiname is a cool recolor I did in just a few minutes, it's incredible how photoshop can help you so much with sprite editing XD
Here are some answers:
1. Yes, they're all infected because Okiname is present everywhere the emeralds are because of the incident in ep.3
2. Shadow acts like that with Kirby mainly because it's a baby after all and he is like a mature person O.o.... I don't actually know how to explain it.
3. Well, actually it is supposed that Okiname is the one creator of the chaos emeralds in this series. In episode 4 Knuckles says Okiname also created Chaos but right now I'm not so sure about that, I didn't liked the idea so I'm gonna invent something else later.
4. Do you mean for the wings or if he will go Super Sonic?
Well, about the wings, I doubt it because that will do a big unbalance between his team and Shadow's, because Sonic's team is Sonic, Mario, Knuckles, Luigi and Tails, while Shadow's team is only Shadow of course, Kirby and Eggman, to balance this I made Shadow have those wings that busts his powers and also Kirby is really strong, and Eggman... meh, he's not appearing so much so I don't actually care that much for him. But yes, Sonic will go Super Sonic LATER in the series, near the last episodes.
And about spectacular stuff in ep.9, YEAH, there will be some surprises in eps 9, 10 and 11 that will actually be of the same story, I will introduce some new important characters.
Thanks for the review, I hope I answered your questions :D

*sniff* Beautiful

You have improved os much. shadow kirby was awesome and great ending to the episode. PLEASE make an episode 9

Shi-Gu responds:

Thankyou VERY much!
of course I'll do ep.9, there will be like 20


BEST episode yet!!

Shi-Gu responds:

yes, it is :D


Dude, this video is soo cool and how you do the galactica knight change, in facts is AWESOME!! keep making videos like this!
Bien hecho amigo SHI-GU, este video es genial!

Shi-Gu responds:

Muchisimas gracias, a mi también me gustó como quedó el recoloreado de galacta knight XD