Reviews for "Wrath of Shadow ep. 8"


its great i love the wrath shadow series

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks, my heart fills with joy everytime I see someone saying that


The story is getting better and better! Amazing!

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This is your best wrath of shadow movie yet i can't wait to see what your episode 9 will be like.So good luck.

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks, I promise it will be even better

You made a comeback.

I just did what I do with every somewhat interesting series I find.
I watch ALL of it, and then I leave a rating. I care less about the exp aspect.

Explanation aside, I must admit, I was going to give you a much lower score when I was at the point of episode 5. I was getting very bored... and at first, I disliked the animation, because... well...
Everyone fell at the same rate... and I realized, "hey wait, I can run faster than his sonic if you scale it up" :)
So of course, my initial reaction, was one of negativity... but I stuck with it.

But as soon as you hit the dream land bit of it... you got... at least ten times better. It was the first real (to me anyway) noticeable improvement.

At this point, I decided to watch the rest of it. You were incredibly innovative with the kirby swallow power idea, and even went so far as to have him swallow shadow, super smash bros. style, to gain his power.

...Kudo's for doing that. The kirby bit rocked.

Now, sorry, but its time for my inner douchebag (the critic) to speak.
This is advance warning. The critic is harsh. Do not be discouraged.

The vids that came before the dream land bit, were in serious need of... well, gravity, for starters... and perhaps slightly more worked sprite-style (you corrected this in the dream land bit quite nicely). The sprites fell at sub-gravity rates (by far), and although I cannot fire lazors out of my limbs, I could probably launch punch with enough force to move a given object of equal mass at a higher speed then was illustrated in those earlier ones.
The use of walking sprites where running was called for, gave some of the videos a slightly monotonous feel (you have corrected this with shadow... though the form that your new level of sprite aptitude will give to sonic's running remains to be seen.)
The problem facing shadow, is that when he was flying, you have generally no movement. Its like a bit of a moving frame... nothing. ...wings... kinda flap.

Now that the d-bag is done talking, I get to tell you that lives get in the way of such things, and that I thoroughly enjoyed that last addition to the sage (ep 7 and 8).
To put it in perspective, you truly hiked it back up, like giving your flash the ultimate wedgie... if that makes sense.

And for the deliverance of said "wedgie", you get a 10/10, and a 5/5.

Nicely done. If the ones that follow are as good (if not better) than this one, then it is likely that I will say more in due time. Keep up the good work, and never give up :D

Now, this is the part where I tell you that I'm really glad that I held on long enough to see the noticeable improvement in your ability. I actually enjoyed the last two more than all of the rest combined. You put effort into this one. It shows, big time, hence your score.
There. I have provided my honest response, to the best of my ability. I can now click submit.

Shi-Gu responds:

Whoa! Long review! and really helpfull! :D
Thanks a lot, of course you're totally right, I must admit I was still a flash newbie when I started this series and most episodes were not done with great quality and yes, I improved in the last ones, hopefully future episodes will be even better XD
Thanks a lot for the review :)


This is freaking awesome, and kirby is freaking strong.
Just awesome.