Reviews for "Wrath of Shadow ep. 8"

Te quedó muy bien

Es en serio, podrías volverte uno de los grandes con los sprites. Sin embargo las escenas de batalla se veían muy rápido y a veces no se notaba de dónde salían los monos... pero en fin.


Shi-Gu responds:

Muchas gracias XD eso me gustaría mucho pero igual no quiero descuidar mi animación de fotograma por fotograma.
Apenas estoy mejorando mis batallas, si te fijas en los anteriores episodios son un asco, esto es un gran progreso, para la proxima intentaré hacerlas menos confusas :D

Gracias por el review

This made me speechless

It sounded good so I was expecting good and it didn't disappoint!
The fight scenes were amazing. I loved how responsive they were.

It also wasn't just Shadow being the main character.
____ played a massive part and that was a choice very well made.
I'm going to go watch the others now, keep up these spectacular standards ^_^
Good cast of charcters aswell. Some popular and some underliked! I loved all that.

Shi-Gu responds:

Wow, thanks SO much for your review, at the begining I didn't recieved the critique I wanted and I thought people didn't liked it but now I see that a lot of people is enjoying it!
I have improved a lot with my battles and I'm proud of it, I will try to be even better every episode.
Yeah, I like Kirby aswell as Shadow so I couldn't keep him out of the action, so he's now Shadow's official partner.
Thanks again and I appreaciate a lot that you take your time to watch the other episodes :D


There was hard work behind this animation, and I am glad I watched it.

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks a lot, indeed I worked hard for 14 days without stopping only to eat, bathroom and sleep and I'm glad people likes it :D


Good job on this flash, keep up the good work! I like that you used one of DIsturbed's songs because they are my favorite band!

Shi-Gu responds:

Yeah, Disturbed is awesome, I love them too, I will consider using another song for later episodes :D

awsome sprites

That demon metanight looked great, and I like how kirby might be Shadow's new sidekick (It seems like such an odd pair).

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks, it didn't took so much time editing as it looks like XD
And I also love the idea of making Shadow and Kirby a permanent team, they're just so different that it's so funny! XD