Reviews for "Wrath of Shadow ep. 8"


lines of improvement: character acting. speed when it comes to battles. real life hold em issues in a fight (for example: a environmental hazzard like possible freeze to death). erhm... you might also want to work on background and speed mostly make it seem like they are moving and on that one part of that final attack i saw such a big opening to cancel it right there and then.

overall: good flash, not the best, still needs improvement (so does everything else in this world) if what people say is true ill go easy on the score and give yeh a 8/10. cant put down a newbie on his first series :P

Shi-Gu responds:

Nice tips, I'll try to use them in next episodes, you are totally right, about the beckgrounds, I justhad one Kirby background because I couldn't find a good sprite sheet of a kirby game ^^;
I just couldn't understand what you said about the final attack.

Thanks for the review, next time I'll try to improve all the points you gave.


Esta Increible! No puedo dejar de verla! La vi como ya 50 veces! solo hay una cosa... El menu esta raro. Cuando termina y pones menu la musica de los creditos se queda ahí y cuando pones ecenas no puedes seleccionar todas: Solo desde forrest chase a Big shadown.

Shi-Gu responds:

Gracias, yo la he visto más veces de seguro XD
Ah si, el menú está rarisimo después de los creditos pero bueno, eso ya es cosa simplemente de cerrar y volver a abrir.
Lo del scene select igual no supe de ninguna manera como repararlo, pero bueno, todo mundo lo que quiere ver es la pelea así que con que ese botón funcione es suficiente XD

great all around

awesome series and you have definately improved since your first and love the story. fan from the beginning, kirby is the great comic relief of the series, nice touch
mad props and luck

¬ GOD is DOG ¬

Shi-Gu responds:

Yes indeed I have improved a lot, I still want more! XD
Yay, is always good to know those fans since the begining, they make me feel like "wow, I didn't sucked that much back there" XD
Yeah, I felt the same about Kirby so I decided to leave him as shadow's partner for the rest of the episodes :D
Thanks a lot :D


very awsome animation, i love the storyline, there was a little typo, at the beggining of the credits, you said stroy instead of story. can't wait for the next one :D

Shi-Gu responds:

Thankyou very much, I try to do a different storyline from all others in NG.
I'm sorry for that, I'll try to fix it if flash doesn't freezes XD
Next one will be in the portal MAYBE in June or July

that was awesome

i remember watching ur first wrath of shadow and i was thinking how interesting the story line was, now were at 8 and look how good the story is, good job man.

Shi-Gu responds:

Thanks soooo much, I'm glad you liked the storyline and you didn't said SMBZ rip-off at the beggining like some people did XD
The story will get even better ;D

Thanks again :D