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Reviews for "Speed Animation Tutorial"

Very Nice

I do some animation, nothing too complicated, and I use a lot of these techniques. The only problem is the whole lip synch part, which you already acknowledged in the tutorial. It also might have been nice to be able to turn off the sound, the "choose section" whenever you returned to the menu got really annoying. And probably check your spelling next time too. I still really liked this overall, great job.

Useful Tutorial

You give some very good tips and it's all laid out very well, but you didn't have a section on fully tweening animations (which believe me, can be done well).
Also, I wasn't convinced by your lip syncing method, and it was a fairly brief nad vague explanation. As far as I'm concerned to do it accurately you need to actually look at your mouth in the mirror as you say the line.
But, overall it's a good, useful tutorial

Magical-Arts responds:

Indeed there is no tween segment, it can be made well yes but it's hard and time consuming (you can make good tween stuff fast but that takes pure talent imo) also I'm not that very good at tweens. on the Lip-synch I kinda agree with you. The reason I choosed to put it in even tough I'm not all that good at it was simply to show how I found a way to at least be able to create movies with lip-synch in them. The mirror tip is a realy good one.

Insightful and well demonstrated

To be honest, I've always been scared to try animation of any kind, this has given me some more confidence.
The examples, voice-overs and explanations help to improve understanding of animation. You've also given the audience two different ways on character animation, allowing some variety.
93/100 A+

Magical-Arts responds:

Thanks for such a nice review :) If you check out my other animation tutorial (simply named animation tutorial) you'll find even more methods which I make FbF animation with.


This tutorial was very helpful. Methods to save time on making animations is great knowledge.

Your next button

It is missing.

Magical-Arts responds:

if you actualy read the BEFORE YOU START text you will see you use your keyboard