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Reviews for "Speed Animation Tutorial"

Almost perfect.

Very good tutorial, good idea of the recorded text etc. A few spelling errors. . Like Tehniqe (Technique).

The voice over could have been a bit better, it was just a bit *pffy* in the mic at times. But overall, good job!


Most of the tutorials I see have major problems built into them, this is almost perfect. The flipped background loop is fantastic, the only problem I see is with the lipsync section, there is an easier way to do it using movieclips for the mouth shapes and matching them to the sounds, but meh, your teaching style is great.
Hopefully this tutorial gets the recognition it deserves and it gets used to improve the quality of animations uploaded to Newgrounds.

A very thought-out tutorial.

It was nice how you put everything into categories and put videos of how to do things. One helpful thing I've learned is while lip-syncing is to select the sound in the timeline, go to properties and change the thing that says Event to Stream. This will make the sound play through when sliding through it (with the drag thing)

Nice one

Well the fact is that i have no idea about how to make animations i dont even know names for programs which are used to make animations =D Anyways this tutorial did explain many things about animating +its good to see that someone tries to teach animating for nooblings like me! (btw which program you use to make animations? :P) 10 would be too fanboy score so i give ya 9 ^^

Magical-Arts responds:

I use Macromedia FLash 8, there's like CS4 or something out now tough :o

Helped me out quite a bit

This is one of the great tuturials that can actually help out alot!
Knowing a bit about animation already i knew about most of the lessons in here already!
Dont get me wrong though there were a few things in there that helped me out quite a bit!
This really is a good start for all begginers and aspiring artists!
Tae notes on this and maybe you'll be like one of the many legends here at newgrounds!

Keep up the amazing work man! And thanks for the help!

~East~ :3