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Reviews for "Speed Animation Tutorial"

Dude, you are Awesome!

Thanks for sharing these techniques, in fact, I feel like trying it out myself. I'm guessing others appreciate the lesson you've taught here ! I've learned a lot! Thanks for taking the time to teach others.

good techniuques

Very good, showed some awesome techniques especially method 2. I had never really realized that before. One thing though, the voice over wasn't necessary IMHO. If you make another one I'd save yourself some time and leave the vioce over out.

By far the best.

This is by far the best flash tutorial I have seen out of any. It not only shows you things, but actually EXPLAINS them and the reasons for doing or not doing so. Plus it looks like much more effort was put into it. Very effective for the developing flash artist. Even if this is a tutorial, it takes much effort to coordinate all of the animations and sounds for this and you have to explain it in a way that clueless people understand, which you succeed at both.

You get a deserved
5/5, 10/10

Full Ten

Probably the most interesting and useful tutorial I've seen, there were a few typos here and there, so if you have the time go back over it, but they really didn't detract from the quality of the tutorial, the information was very plainly given, so it would be easy for everyone to understand, and more importantly, the techniques given were very useful and easy ones to use, but ones people might not think of otherwise, I definitely got something out of it, and I hope a lot of other people do to. VERY well done.


Very good. Helped me animate much better.