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Reviews for "Speed Animation Tutorial"


you should make a book on this, I learned so much from this and was animating like a pro in no time. You should do more tutorials.

p.s. I wasnt joking about the book

p.p.s. I found the easter egg!


This is great, but do you know where I can download this and wheather it is free?

Magical-Arts responds:

Flash ain't free sorry m8. ofc there are pirates but that doesn't make it free! (or does it? :o, no ofcourse not.... *wink wink*)

Very Greatful =D

Thank you for sharing thes tips, they are great and felt they were explained flawlessly! This movie will help me and loads of others to use flash. Thanks =D


This will help me animate for my english project Thank you so much

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing these techniques! Also I would like to add that your style of explaining is exellent.