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Reviews for "Speed Animation Tutorial"

Very informative!

Seeing as how Flash Player costs like $600 to buy, I doubt I ever will buy it. What I have to say is that you really make a good and clear representation of working on flash animation. It's hard to not like this, as it thoroughly goes through most of the important parts. It's funny because just the other day I was listening to a PowerPoint in a college class with a voice that went on like yours. I guess it's interesting to be introduced to a new style while also learning about classic styles. The one thing it was missing was a background.

duddddde your the bestttt but one question..

this tutorial was fucken awesome, ive seen it b4, but i was havin trouble with sum shit, could u make another tutorial on layers? this is perfect, but i think u need layers and shit rite? like head, eyes, mouth and shit like that? so... i hope u make onexD reply with message plz:P

Magical-Arts responds:

Having alot of layers is realy just necessary when you tween. If you use fbf (which I try to keep the focus on in my tuts) you can mostly work with 1-2 layers. for example one to sceath the motion and one to animate over, however some times you benifit from useing even more layers but generaly speaking I hardly ever go over 1-2 layers when I animate a character, and I'm sorry but my next tut will be on how to animate smooth with fbf ;) (when ever I get time to make it that is xD )


oh man i really needed this. now i can start to draw out all the scenes in my animations, thanks.

thank you!

this helps me SOOOO much


dude i wish that animation you guys were working on was still in progress it looks awsome