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Reviews for "ninja awesome yeah 2"

Not bad

Decent Frame by Frame, keep up the good work, makes me wanta be a ninja, lol.

not bad akshully

a nice flash all around. My only complaint is that it got a little hectic, and didn't really stay on one topic. Not that that is entirely wrong, it just made things a little harder to follow.

The song choice was very nice, and the missle sequence was really cool.

Keep up the good work, and maybe next time, try sticking with one character the whole way through a song.

not half bad

The fight was pretty nifty and the animation was better than the usual stick fights I see on here. Have you considered moving on to animating something a bit more detailed than stick figures?

me likeeee

lol it was great better than the other crapzor ive been watchin today thats for sure