Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""


Stupid! O.k seriously when I read the description I thought "Ooo is a creative idea! Looks like it's going to be a good animation!" But what the heck is with the voice! Also what is with that ending?
Director- "Hey! He-he for the ending I'm gonna have him jump in this giant opening in the building!"
I mean seriously finding a mysterious building in the jungle IS a good idea BUT why must it end like that!
Also the animation was really boring! All he did in the animation was: Climb up the building, and jump in the building. WHAT!

So he committed suicide?

lol! Did he? It looked like he did.


the reason i gave you 9/10 is because i through the styel you created /animated this is amazing,but i took one point off because there was no story.other than a men who's destint to jump into a hole.but hear's what i want to know what kind of hole was it, and what was at the bottem??????


You know what?
Voters on newgrounds are kids and stupid jerks!
This deserved much more than 3.77. Why? Because it's great.
Animation, style and minimalistic/mistic story.
Fucking idiots just wanted fucking shits like awesome series
and other idiotic sorts of compilations that is only funny to stupid teenagers.
PEOPLE what about ART?

I don't know...

The art style was great in my opinion, but you should've sticked with it. The sudden fully animated style when he jumped was... well, pretty much hurt your eyes. If you're gonna use traditional style, then stick with it one hundred percent.

No story whatsoever, but nice soundeffects.

No sotry, good visuals, great sound, I'll stick with a six.