Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""


if it was a class project to make an animation then i would give u an A++
but since this is 4 entertainment
5/10 2/5
it was boring............. -_-

ignore the haters

their idiots, nice work man. very interesting, and it does make u go "wha....?" lol good work

Hmm...rather mysterious.

It doesn't really reveal much of the plot and it is rather pointless, but hey this is the mysterious genre! (Oh and btw, I'm Lithuanian too so it's nice to see some Lithuanian animation once in a while :) )

Nice animation.. but

One word for this animation to make sense... "sequel"
Nice though.

hm. hm. *thinking*

I don't know if you know it but i guess this film has to do with some emo-shit, like he's taking his life or something.

But i guess this movie isn't just "a movie" it's a little bit off a "after thinker" like you know your mysterious ending, that makes you think. I see your point but, man i see you've done some work, here but it's kinda lame to be honest. Work a little bit more with the mysterious type of animation. and put just a little more time with it, and you'll see it will get much more better.

Keep it up!