Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""


The story was unusual, but interesting and the art was good, however the switching between styles seemed a little weird, but I could get past that. Overall it was a good animaiton.


the storyline was kind of weird but there was a certain mystery to it.

one would be wondering what does that pot contains, who is this man, why have it come here and why have it jumped in.
followed by the elements of the drawing and music which was played at the correct pace makes it amazing.


I'm torn.

Part of me really liked the penciled backgrounds being incorporated into a flash movie, not that it's anything new, but part of me hates the fact that a lot of concessions were made in terms of animation.

In actuality it seemed more like a sideshow with some minor animation, but the serene atmosphere made up for some of the more noticeable short comings.

Overall though, the vibe this animation was giving off definetly stood at the forefront and because of that it makes it very easy to ignore what could have been a very amateur looking movie.

It's kinda nice.


I really liked the style.
I want to know what happens next!

Its Okay!

Reminds me of the drawn dream series, either way I thought it was good but, if you were going with a little drama make each scene powerful enough for the viewer not to get bored with it.