Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""

I know this was experimental...

but still couldn't there have been more to it, i mean they parts done with either pen or drawing flash tool were really great, but the pencil parts seemed a bit misplaced, especially the close up with the blakc background, i mean i rally thought for a second he was going to start dancing it was just OTT. However, I did like it because it wasnt strawberry clocks and the word awesome didn't appear (new hatred for it as i overuse it in all my reviews).


lietuviai valdo!!! lithuanians rock!!!

Basically, A Man Jumps Into A Hole.

...Yep, that's about it. Sure, he also climbs a bizarre dome shaped object via a tall ladder, but otherwise that is the plot so far. Now one can argue whether or not this has a huge philosophical backbone about man embracing his destiny, but in the end I sort of like it. The artwork, although not really that spectacular save for a detailed tree and a couple animated birds, shows a lot of competence so far. Animation is quite decent. As an alternative to all other cartoons on this site, this works.

very interesting

I see greater potential in the upcoming sequel but this is a very intriguing style you have.

I liked it!

It's very good animated I think this could be into the top 5 of april in the place number 2 cause thhere other video that I liked more than this... :P
good work
It's the best aniamtion :p ever :D
Keep on with this good work
You rock!