Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""


listen to the a song called navras by juno reator whilewatching this clip!!!! it matches the video!!! see for ur yourself

its good

its good , well everything is almost good in it but could it be longer?? 7/10 oh and ageshero u might b selling out the story u know...


nice artwork, but a very meager story.
a bit longer perhaps? and a more developed story that will make the watcher feel more attatched to the character perhaps?
hope you will make more =D


Fantastic, It has a Feeling of Stanley Kubrick's. and for some reason my mind wanders to think that maybe there is more in the whole than he expected, Alternate dimensions, and strange creatures he could befriend,

The creatures find him to be a kind of holy figure, or diety, and begin to try to worship him, but he would then convince them to stop.

HE could fall in the the wrong trouble, as they think he is a sacrafice to the hards, or not at all.

Maybe an advanced political and technological society, where the strange beeings create inter dimensional portals as a work of Universal conquest, or perhaps of a full unity, to all, Peacful, or horribly chaotic.

Ya never know. could even be a fantasy world with swords and magic.


I liked the drawings.. and i like animated shorts..
but whats the point of 'the hole' does it have a meaning?
maybe u can put it in the sequel.. =)