Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""

Very artsy

But also fartsy...
and boring.

Great overall setting and theme..

I'm not sure how to rate this movie exactly. On one hand, I thought the mood, setting and artwork were all fantastic, rarley am I genuinley curious about where a story is heading or what is going on. The unique setting all worked well for this, I just hope that if this idea is continued, some questions are answered, ie who is this guy, why is he here, what is he doing, etc. So as to maintain some sense of progression.

So the overall setting and theme, and the art direction were fantastic. I think the animation needs some work, as does the close up artwork, I'm not sure if it even fit in very well to have a close up of the guy after all the ambiguity found elsewhere in the short.

Anyway, great job, look forward to seeing more.

Unique Animation

I really like the animation a lot. The gray pencil strokes give movement to otherwise still shots.

However, it is a little on the short side, and the meaning is hard to grasp. I feel the need to know where the man's journey started, and where he was going, and what's at the bottom of the hole. But perhaps that is part of intrigue. It makes you wonder about it, and watch it again for any clues.

I see you're doing a sequel to follow up on this. Good luck!

how do u end something like that?!

its very nice to something original cant wait to see the next just cause im fuckin curios. kudos for arousing my curiosity *wink* jk?


What the hole means? What is that building? Why he have to do this? Why he was at the forest? What the fuck is that anim?

The animation and the cinematic in some part were god, but, had no storyline, many questions, did'nt had a point or a reason, it even passed a message, I think it's a useless animation, I would consider this a test, not a completed animation.

You made an original cool thing, but it was pointless and boring!

1/5 3/10. Hope next time see something longer and with a good message, cause you have potencial, use it!