Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""

visually amazing

the mysetry of the plot really drew me in as well. I loved the art-y style of your work, I really hope you make a sequel to this.

Kaukolike responds:

Thank you so much! I think I'm going to make a sequel after such success on this movie!


I like the feel of that animation. you should continue with that storyline.

Kaukolike responds:

Thank you! And this refers to an idea of making series! I'm starting to really think about sequel!

A Great Short.

The animation was good, the backdrops were great. But I didn't get much of the story, and thats what I was expecting. however, as you did say the story was mystically unusual, you were correct, but one thing you did get wrong, was that it wasn't interesting. I wanted more, more depth. The story seems compelling and I'm sure if you elaborated on it in another animation it would be superb for a single animation or possibly even a series. I hope that great things come of this animation, its got a unique style and it should be inspirational for any animator out there who wants something new and interesting to experiment with and add to their work.

Kaukolike responds:

Thank you very much for your detailed review! You have said very kind words which inspire me a lot!
And idea about series is interesting too! It was very pleasurable for me to create this movie. So I think if there are more people like You who are so much interested, it is a must for me to make a better production and launch series!


although it was short as you said, i still enjoyed watching this submission, and hope to see more

Kaukolike responds:

Thank you! I love all the reviews because they help me to focus on things I need to improve. Thank you for watching! New cartoon is coming out soon!