Reviews for "Animated short "Hole""


Not my type of Movie but still if i liked this type of movies i would rate 5 so yea i vote with a 5

right, ok?

okay what??? drawing and animation too much stick to one please its just plan wierd otherwise, and whats the point he jumped into a hole or water or something??? Although the open through a field looked well nice.


eery and mystical.


... omeone probably already said this but...... "THATS ONE BIG HOLE"... or not XD

Hell yeah !

That's amazing ! The sounds're perfect, you draw very good and the story looks interesting.
The foreign language increases the mysterious feeling of the animation.
In wich language is it ? I like. ^^

Kaukolike responds:

I'm so happy that You liked it!
The language is Lithuanian. (Lithuania is a small country in Europe). ;D