Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


if you do a slide while griding, game crashes.


it looks like the copy of the game this game is a joke

TheMillz responds:

yea, but this one took A LOT more effort :D

sorry but still some bugs

i got stuck in the floor on the third room on the tutorial lvl and seemes that there is more bugs to find but awsome game once u have foud and fixed all the bugs

TheMillz responds:

Fixing glitches, please bear with us...

sorry bud

i kept falling through floors...rather glitchy

sorry sir...

i've got to complain, there are some glitches, which take yourability to even move your character.
I think you should think about it, cuz it could hapen to other persons well, and these could not be mercyful like me, and stop playing it further.
The biggest problem is that you didn't checked enough, if there are any lags or disadvantages by playing it.
Maybe you should test your game a bit more and release it in the time, which is showable.
Any opther than that, nice concept, dirty = mechanics, and some urban climbing.
That's some fresh air, but the glitches.... :'(