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Reviews for "Tax Day"


This is funny and all but its kinda cofusing me.Im liek wtf.Either way its a great flash.Keep up teh good work!

zappawadda responds:

My artwork sucks, sorry bout the confusion.

Not bad

Not too funny but entertaining none-the-less.
I'd almost forgotten about those advertisements.
Wonder if anyone will make a flash about Turbotaxes AGI glitch?

zappawadda responds:

thanks for the feedback, and a flash about AGI would be sweet


Maybe I'll consider paying them this year......

zappawadda responds:

might be a good idea...we all can't get bailouts


"A boogie boogie boogie" HAHAHA I cant believe you used that.

zappawadda responds:

of course I used it, it was improve genius on your part

"Great spoof"

Only one iv'e seen of this

zappawadda responds:

haha thanks