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Reviews for "Tax Day"

Thank you Internet.

That was... wierd. In a good way.

Good job. ^^


oo soo hilllarriouss!


Benjamin "Lightning Rod" Franklin - "Boinhuinhuing"

Favorite part. Great animation.

zappawadda responds:

give thanks to appsro, he got some mad improv skills

:D loved it haha

i don't understand how thios hasn't gotten that much attention yet though....

zappawadda responds:

it got eighth place for Thursday, I'm happy with that.

Um...Not really.

"According to U.S. History the figures themselves were rather the opposite. Grant drank heavily, Jackson was a slave owner, and Franklin was a womanizer."

What history book have YOU been reading?

zappawadda responds:

I get my education from the internet, it can't be wrong.